King Street Reserve Cocktail Bar Review

By James Brown.

Lower King Street, the fashion, glamour and retail therapy catwalk just off Deansgate, isn't the first place you'd think of for a night out in Manchester. However that's all changed now, thanks to The Liquorists and their stunning new concept bar nestled amongst the high end boutiques. Reserve is a retail experience that eventually lands you in a bar, with a bottle of booze of unparalleled quality that you've purchased and handed over to one of those supremely talented and gracious Liquorist chaps. And that's exactly what happened to me when I turned a shopping trip (grim) into a boozing trip (top) and tried out Reserve by The Liquorists. 

The Venue

Tucked quietly between the high street stores and fashion filled shops is the subtly placed Reserve. Stripped back and brilliantly basic wooden floors give the venue a rustic, classic charm.  The ground floor is where you are given the opportunity to browse the premium quality bottles of spirits, before you wander up the understated staircase to Daisy's Bar, where the real fun begins. As you walk up the stairs you'll notice the classic and vintage themes that are typical of The Liquorists, continuing the trend from the retail experience below, with the bare brick walls stretching down to the brand new bar that is decorated with bottle after bottle of delicious spirits. The upstairs is not only a comfortable and welcoming bar brought together by the unrelenting charm of the staff and clientele; it also doubles up as an event space for private hire, or to be used for cocktail masterclasses and creative drinks experiences. You can literally buy a bottle in the store and wander upstairs to not only enjoy it, but learn the best way to enjoy it, from some of the absolute best mixologists in the business. 

Reserve By The Liquorists

The Clientele and Atmosphere

Reserve is brilliantly placed to attract the high end fashion lovers that appreciate the art of a good cocktail. The attraction here is not only based in the quality of drinks on offer, but the concept of learning and developing a taste for something new. Daisy's Bar has a natural charm and buzz that not is not only attractive as a quality, but is self sustaining and creates an entirely comfortable atmosphere. The overwhelming feeling for me was that I was simply not ready to leave, and that was without even booking a cocktail class or drinks experience.  It is simply a quality establishment that suit its location and clientele down to a tee - classic and yet unpretentious from start to finish.

The Drinks

Everything The Liquorists touch seems to turn to gold, and the drinks offer at any of their venues is always guaranteed to be right off the top self. This is certainly the case at Reserve, where the brilliant skill and talent as mixologists, combines with quality ingredients from across the globe to offer an unrivalled drinking experience. The drinks selection is concise, accurate and tasteful, leaving you with choices that allow the Liquorists to build a cocktail that you can enjoy. Bottles of Tanqueray gin, Ciroc Vodka and Johnnie Walker whiskey line the shelves and line the bar as you watch the magic happen in front of you. They then leave you with a instructions on how to deliver some of your own awesome Liquorists style serves in the comfort of your own home. Theres's not a right lot they haven't thought of if we're honest. The other unique aspect of drinking at Reserve is the events programme - cocktail classes, Vodka tasting, tequila nights, live music, even Vogue's fashion night out strutted down for a try. The drinks are obviously attracting the people of Manchester that appreciate the absolute best.


With King Street Reserve, The Liquorists have not only brought a bar to an area that isn't typically associated with nightlife, but they've managed to blend in with the retailers by tucking the delightfully charming little bar above a shop that sells only the best booze in Manchester, and for cheaper than most other places. A brand new, never done before concept that allows the shopper to enter into an event experience after their purchase. We wish it could stay forever, but as with most things Liquorists, Reserve is a temporary fixture. Make sure you pay them a visit before they pack up their cocktail mixers and move on.