Devastation swept through Fallowfield when the Queen Of Hearts closed; as the liveliest, most unique drinking and party night spot in the area, a massive void was left behind. 256 soon took its place and quickly became popular for the stylish interior and relaxed atmosphere. Cheap and cheerful, we took a closer look to compare and contrast this venue and see if it still held the hearts of those living in Fallowfield.

The Venue

The first thing we noticed upon entry was how bright and airy it was, having previously been a church. High ceilings, bare wood, subtle colours and twinkling lights offer the comforting feeling of a warm and ever so pretty welcome. Bringing a touch of effortless class without any pretentious features, the gorgeous interior is balanced with table football and pool tables. Mismatching chairs and big, comfy sofas make you feel right at home. Until the party that is.

wilmslow road bar review manchester

Shabby chic furnishings and quirky, cool designs add a glittering charm to this irresistible venue.

The Drinks

I can't say no to a cocktail, so it was clear from the word go I would be sampling the tantalising tipples displayed on the quirky chalk board. At £4.95 a pop, there's excellent value to be found here as only the best premium spirits are used. My first choice was Vanilla Berry Fizz; raspberry and vanilla Absolut Vodka are poured over ice and lavished with lemonade. It isn't much to look at, but fitting with the casual style of the venue, emphasis is placed on the taste, which is that of a fruit salad sweet with a naughty vodka hit. Cherry Ribbo was my next selection; a deep pink and indulgent drink, continuing the retro sweet theme, this scrumptious treat tastes like cherry drops.

A range of eight mouth watering burgers make it almost impossible to choose, but my partner went for the Cajun spiced chicken breast and chorizo burger. Served plain with a side of chunky chips, this is a no nonsense, manly meal. The meat was tender and spiced perfectly with just the right amount of kick. I chose a thin and crispy pulled pork flat bread. Soft and chewy strips of pork topped the cheese and barbeque base, the star of the show however, was actually the tasty morsels of sweet potato dotted around the plate.

drinks review manchester cocktails wilmslow road

From a Vanilla Berry Fizz, down to a rambunctious rum and coke, 256 Wilmslow Road can cater to plenty.

The Atmosphere

Sat in a comfy booth, we settled down with our dinner and drinks to watch the football. A huge projector was brought out as people pulled out chairs and benches to congregate around the screen. There was a great feeling of a local, friendly pub whilst the gorgeous interior lifted the ambiance to that of a trendy bar. The attentive staff checked on us all throughout the evening, and tables of people chatted away to each other during the break. Just after 10pm the fun really begins when one of their resident DJs breaks out the party hits. Crowds of like minded, fun loving students and young people piled through the doors to grab the bargain drink deals on offer and dance 'til they dropped. Furniture was cast aside as the room filled right up to the rafters (well, balcony). Feel good contemporary rock and pop got us all in the mood for a great time.

256 wilmslow review manchester

Dapper lounge lair in the day, party hearty destination by night, 256 Wilmslow Road is a rare and successful blend of both.


256 is a versatile venue that can cater to any individual or group. By day it is a cool, casual pub with a gorgeous terrace to accommodate crowds in the summer. By night you can enjoy stylish drinks or attend one of their club nights where the resident DJs get the party in full swing. The adaptable atmosphere means you'll never be stuck for a place to go if you pass through Fallowfield.