Cloud 23 Manchester - Cocktail Bar Review

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Last updated . By Kiran Flynn.

Ascend into Manchester’s infamously cloudy sky and reach the most luxurious, decadent and downright godly place in the highest bar the city has to offer: Cloud 23. You can practically reach up and comb your fingertips through the grey mist of the clouds and enjoy a regal position atop the city-dwellers below. Leave your everyday peasant self at the door, and remember, you are in a castle in the sky now. Cloud 23 truly is the closest thing to Zeus’s deluxe abode that you will find.

Cloud 23

The night view of Manchester city below.

The Venue

Float around the four luxury partitions of the bar offering differing, but equally as impressive décor and an ambience to dream for. Named after four Grecian gods, the rooms have plush leather seating, geometric patterned golden-threaded carpets and impressive stand-alone features giving each room a unique edge whilst also fittingly tying together the luminous, sunlight-drenched (or city-lights-illuminated) air of the venue as a whole. Ceilinged drapes hang down and diffuse the shades of light around you creating a warm, yet chic feature. There is also an oval glass cut-out of the floor, where you can gaze downward and see the distance between your feet and the streets below. Having an overall capacity of 200 people, Cloud 23 welcomes parties and other social occasions, but also serves a memorable Afternoon Tea, and leads cocktail masterclasses for groups between six and twenty people. A versatile venue encased in glass, with pizzazz and class, Cloud 23 will make you think you died and went to heaven.

Cloud 23

The bright ambience of Cloud 23's biggest room.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Breathtaking from the moment your cab pulls into the entrance of The Hilton Hotel, the Cloud 23 experience starts from the moment you board the elevator ready for your ascension into bar-heaven. The elevator doors part, the magical light filters in, and the plush, bright and pristine décor of the first of their exclusive Grecian god named rooms is revealed. Be greeted and seated by one of their attentive, informative and actually, very good-looking staff, and drink in the luxury whilst gazing out through their panoramic wall of windows. If nothing else, the magnificent view of Manchester is something to feast those goggling eyes upon. Rub those shoulders against the wealthy professionals, socialites and celebrities at the bar and head to the dance-floor and dance with the most well-dressed people in town. The stylish, yet relaxed atmosphere allows you to pretend you’re one of those who live the high life regularly and prance around like you’re something special. And you are special; you are the royality of the sky tonight.

Cloud 23

The glass floor allowing you to look down at the streets below.

The Food and Drink

The cocktails are an extravagant gift from the skies. We tried the Mr Mercer’s Cotton Peculiar beverage from their signature collection of cocktails and boy, were we impressed. Mr Mercer’s is a cotton-candy topped ice cream cocktail infused with light Havana Club rum and spicy syrup, mixed in with passion fruit twangs and fizzed-up with ginger beer. Not only did it taste incredible, but it was just so greatly fitting to eat wisps of our very own candy floss cloud. Cocktails made to order, and recommendations from their highly skilled and perfectionistic bar team, will ensure you will be impressed with the theatrics of concocting each drink and its final mouth-watering manifestation.

Cloud 23

The table set-up for Afternoon Tea.


Leap into the sky and taste the finer things in life in this cloud-shrouded bar of Manchester. Cloud 23 is a world class venue akin to the tourist attractions that rake in esteemed recommendations all around the world. Cloud 23 is Manchester’s Atmosphere Bar at Berj Khalifa, and is therefore a must-see.