New bar spy - Cask and Kiln

New Chorlton bar has more than 60 varieties of whisky

Cask and Kiln

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What they say:

Chorlton is quickly becoming Manchester's hottest area with its variety of great bars and pubs. It's now adding another star spot to its selection with the opening of Cask and Kiln, a dedicated whisky and beer bar. That's not all this stripped-back spot serves, however, it also has a choice of 15 gins, with plans to add even more to its collection. 

What we say:

While Coopers in Chorlton has closed, we don't have much time to be sad as Cask and Kiln is opening in its place. The bar is dedicated mostly to all things whisky, with more than 60 brands, though there is also a wide range of beers including 35 craft bottles and eight varieties on tap. Interiors wise, the spot keeps it simple, with a exposed brick walls, a pinball machine and Edison lightbulbs.