Mowgli Eclectic eatery arcade Corn Exchange adopts Mowgli
37 Corn Exchange Exchange Square, Manchester, M4 3TR
Type of Venue

What they say:

Former barrister Nisha Katona has booted the Bar and is now the big-ass brains behind Indian street food sensation and cocktail den, Jungle Book-inspired Mowgli, which has seen a stormer of success over on Liverpool's bustling Bold Street. Now a ready and raring restaurateur and top cook in-the-know, Katona hopes to immerse Manchester in the same, sumptuous shower of authentic Indian culinary delights.

What we say:

More often than not the "Indian" grub we devour so eagerly is not such a true taste of Indian gastronomy, and it looks like Katona is here to change all that with mouth-watering magnet Mowgli. Manchester foodie mecca Corn Exchange is absolutely brimming with brilliant bites from all over the globe, from Vietnamese "Pho" to Mexican "Wahaca", and it has now adopted the aromatic authenticity of exciting Indian outfit Mowgli.