FILM NOIR, NEW YEAR'S EVE..... Vintage Risqué by Madam Noir


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Sorry, this event has taken place.

Sorry, this event has taken place.


Tuesday 31 December 2013
22:00 - 04:00 (doors at 22:00)
from £60
New Years Eve Party
House Music

The chill is here; finally. It had to happen sooner or later. London town a maze of shimmering tinsel, streets festooned with gaudy garlands. They call it the festive season. What's so festive when you're working graveyard shifts keeping watch over a three story lah-de-dah townhouse down Chelsea way? Some kind of hoo-ha planned where a bunch of movers and shakers throw down a load of hooch and shake their money makers but we got a tip off something big could be going down behind the scenes, and wouldn't you know it, I'm the guy who's gotta keep it all in check. I'm Dick Savage, Detective Inspector, the joint is called Goat and the night is Nude Noir. And they say life is stranger than fiction.

So I get a call from intelligence, its time to turn on the heat. A call was intercepted and they need eyes on one Madame Noir. They send me her file and judging from the shots, eyes on her aint gonna be a problem.

I get inside the joint easy enough, through a door. It's palatial, burnished gold and Oxford blue walls, floor to ceiling mirrors and teardrop chandeliers. I'm way out of my league, and this Madame Noir dame she's something else. Stirs me an Old Fashioned, takes me downstairs "to conduct our little conference in more intimate surroundings." Its a crypt with a pulpit, where I get the full lowdown from the dame on what the night will hold. It seems like she is taking the whole joint for the night. Turning it into The House of Nude Noir, what do I know, seems damn fishy to me but I let her talk. Sounds like a riot, her animated gestures and vibrant speech creating infectious enthusiasm without loosing her cool. It's all about using every level and corner as a stage for "Theatre Noir" ,secret rooms, and something about smooth sultry jazz numbers at the outset, seductive deep house tunes carrying the night with outré acts, vintage risqué she calls it, and naughty -she insists, peppered throughout the building as the night progresses. Without breaking her soliloquy she drops a look book in my lap, nearly spilling the sweet bourbon. I flick through, mesmerised  by pictures of nubile honeys in costumes that leave me in little doubt as to what their hobbies and pastimes might be; suggestive poses and captivating costumes driving me to distraction as I struggle to focus. I look up at her ruby lips as she's speaking and it all becomes a blur. By the time she finishes, I'll be damned if I didn't forget what it was I came to find out; but one thing is for sure. I've got to get a ticket. (See below). 


Nude Noir invite you for an unforgetable New Year's Eve party. This time around playing on the theme of Film Noir, the stunning interior of Goat, a newly launched venue that has recently undergone a dramatic renovation, will play host to the characteristic mixture of decadently erotic visual treats that have placed Nude Noir firmly at the top of the London high roller nightlife scene. 

The lavish townhouse features prohibition style ante-rooms, floor to ceiling windows, a crypt and oak pulpit for the dj and with a bit of Madam’s touch, the whole place will become playground with each corner used for live acts and where guests will become actors in a “Theatre Noir” play. Expect 1950's Hollywood Film Noir glamour, with revellers dressed to impress. For dress code inspiration Nude Noir pinboards highlight some of the more imaginative outfits Madame dreams of in her quest for Noir style. 

Admission is strictly by invitation only from the Madamme; there will be dinner, dancing, table bookings and general entry tickets available. Those wishing to attend should write a charming letter to Madame Noir on requesting consideration. The fortunate ones who impress the Madame will be granted access to purchase tickets to what is sure to be another sell out success.

For more information about Nude Noir please visit

“Undeniably Exciting & Just a Little Bit Naughty” Nude Noir 2012

Dress Code:

For the private eye: black tie, sharp suit, trilby.

For the femme fatale: designer frocks, starlet styling, vintage noir & red



333 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QL

West London

Nearest station:
South Kensington (Tube)



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