New bar spy - Cuckoo

Quirky neon cocktail bar Cuckoo opens with 'Giraffe' craft beer sharers and tonnes of pizza


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Now Open

What they say:

There’s no end to the quirky bars in Call Lane and if they keep delivering gems like Cuckoo, then I’m glad there isn’t. The people behind Call Lane Social and Tiki Hideaway have pretty much grabbed the rainbow and threw it at their walls: its name is lit up in neon above the bar, with colour-corresponding mirrors above it. Rhinos, zebras and crocodile heads are hung up on the walls, dripping in colourful paint, and there’s hand-painted murals created by local artists. And if you aren’t sick of taking photos of the whacky interiors, head to the photo booth for even more picture opportunities.

What we say:

If you thought a bar called Cuckoo would do drinks normally, you’re mistaken. Craft beer is one of the boozy pillars keeping the place up, and they serve these in tall ‘Giraffe’ sharers that you can pour yourself amongst your friends. Expect those to be filled with Brooklyn and Beavertown breweries, all to be enjoyed on their unique shed beer roof terrace. Otherwise, get yourself some cocktails – signature and classics alike – all while you feast on pizzas cooked on their on-site ovens.