The Pot Still - Glasgow Pub Review

The Pot Still is a renowned yet unassuming City Centre pub, buzzing with regulars and visitors with a serious hankering for whisky.

The Pot Still Glasgow
The Pot Still is bustling every evening with after-work regulars. 

The Venue

On entering the Pot Still, it looks like your average boozer, well-worn seating, dark woods, vintage adornments and a few Victorian features - at over 150 years old, it's in pretty good shape. But then you look up at the bar and see an (almost) intimidating wall of whisky watching over the room. This place might look like just another pub, but what's nestled on those gilded shelves has brought in whisky drinkers from all over the world on the hunt for rare malts and niche Scottish drams. 

The Pot Still pub

Just some of the many malts on offer in The Still's extensive selection

The Atmosphere & Clientele

We called into The Pot Still just as everyone was breaking out of work, and it was bustling. Its central location on Hope Street puts it in easy reach for commuters, shoppers, and tourists. The crowd was a mixed one, though a friendly bunch, we'd barely sat down and the lady next to us was chatting away. A family-run bar, the staff are jovial and knowledgable. With a dedicated band of regulars, this feels like the kind of pub where a session or a party could strike up at any minute. The bar is also home to Glasgow's only women's whiskey club, for any dram dames out there looking to work on their tasting skills. 

The Pot Still Glasgow pub

While it serves some real ale and fine wines, this place really is wall-to-wall whisky. 

The Food & Drink

The Pot Still serves a fully stocked bar of ales, beers, wines and spirits; but who are we kidding - it's all about the whisky. We sampled the dram of the month, a peaty tasting Scotch neat, that went down easy (especially from a novice who's more used to their Jameson with ginger ale). The Still's owners go to extreme lengths to get their mitts on rare malts and with close to 600 bottles in stock, it's easy to see why people come from far and wide to sample their wares.

Pot Still Whisky Club
This bar is over 150 year old and backed with vintage features and dram adornments. 

The Summary

A friendly local meets a world class whisky bar, The Pot Still might have discerning tastes for a dram, but it hasn't lost its charm in the glory. Whether you're a Glaswegian or a visitor, I reckon this one should be on everyone's tipple to-do list.