Warehouse Parties in Glasgow

Warehouse parties in Glasgow are some of the most fun in the UK. Wild raves where you can really let loose and dance the night away. While pop up warehouse parties in Glasgow pop up from time to time, there are are also established venues where ravers can always depend on massive rave vibes. So if you're looking for warehouse parties in Glasgow, take a look at these great warehouse clubs and watch this space for pop up parties too... 

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Make Do

Make Do is a pop up club that hosts some of the coolest warehouse parties in Glasgow. Picking up the slack from the closure of Chambre 69, Make Do showcases the work of some of the finest up and coming DJs from Glasgow and beyond. A large space with plenty of room for dancing, and often open until 4am, Make Do is a raving haven for Glasgow's warehouse party crowd. 


SWG3 is the ultimate venue for warehouse parties in Glasgow. With three floors of minimalist dance space, this night club, venue and studio is prime raving ground. Add in some killer club nights, insane gigs and awesome promoters and DJs and you have yourself some of the most fun warehouse parties in Scotland.