Retro Music in Glasgow

Retro music is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in Glasgow. More bars and clubs are choosing to play retro music instead of your standard pop tunes, which is brilliant if you're bored of hearing the same Calvin Harris tune every time you're out. The majority of these retro music bars are keeping it authentic by playing vinyl only - no fancy laptops or cables here. Have a look at some great bars playing retro music in Glasgow, where 70s disco dance moves are all optional. 

The Flying Duck

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The Flying Duck have a bit of a penchant for retro music, but if you're serious about your old school tunes, head to their monthly event, Singles Night. No, it's not a speed dating event or anything like that, it's all about celebrating the 7" vinyl single. Expect some old rock, pop and hip-hop tunes, all played off a record player. A quirky retro music night in Glasgow. 

The Admiral

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Monthly club night, Divine!, has been running for 21 years Glasgow at a number of venues, but has been settled at The Admiral for the past while. So, what to expect from this retro music night in Glasgow? 60s and 70s soul, latin, funk, garage and ska, of course! Needless to say, Divine! is an all-vinyl set, so this is definitely a great retro music night in Glasgow for all you record lovers out there.