Sub Club - Glasgow Club Review

Sub Club is one hard hitting little rave palace that's known and loved among dance communities around Scotland, Britain and Europe...and with good reason. 

The Venue

A basement club with little to no frills, Sub Club near Glasgow Central Station is pretty stripped back. An unassuming entrance on Jamaica Street takes you downstairs where you follow the bass to the hidden nightclub. A few red lights hang from the ceiling and pod-like seating is scattered about, but really this place is all about the music. And if the DJ gets it right, no one wants to sit down. A packed dancefloor takes up half the venue, though the DJ box is oddly, to the side rather than over looking the entire space - not that anyone seems to mind.

Sub Club is the go-to venue for Glasgow's discerning dance fans. 

Atmosphere and Clientele

The crowd here are proper clubbers with discerning tastes and an ear for a cracking mix. Cool and stylish yet casual - not a pair of high heels in site - think utility clubbing gear. Despite this posse's refined opinions, they're a friendly bunch, and even if you don't know your dub step from your disco (ahem) you won't be cast out. 

The stripped back basement club that puts more emphasis on the sound than the surroundings. 

Food and Drink

As a proper dance venue, the bar keeps it simple with a pared down drinks menu - I saw no evidence of the rumoured hot cider or frozen margaritas. You usual shots are on offer, sambuca, tequila, though they were - shock horror - out of Jagermeister when we visited. Spirits and beers fill out the menu with nightly specials keeping costs down. This crowd didn't seem to do a lot of drinking though, it seemed for them, to be all about the beats. 


If you're a dance music aficionado, or even if you're a wily novice, Sub Club is a raw, all-about-the-music dancing den that deserves a spot on everyone's bar bucket list. A top spot for your next Glasgow night out.