Brad Pitt's World War Z hits the cinema this weekend, and Glasgwegians will finally get a chance to see the city's streets on the big screen. It's been two years since Hollywood took over the streets surrounding George's Square when thousands of locals took part as extras in the zombie flick which saw Merchant City streets turn into Philadelphia avenues complete with red fire hydrants, yellow taxi cabs and green street signs. While the budget is said to have run way over for the film, and early reviews have been a tad harsh, we reckon it's worth a watch just to see can you spot any of your mates legging it past City Chamber's away from a zombie attack stampede. 

And for the full A-list experience, be sure and stop in for a drink at the Corinthian Club once on the way home from the cinema; rumour has it that's where Pitt and pals had their Glasgow wrap party after filming.