The Glasgow Hangover Service

By Kayleigh Head.

Is your mouth dryer than the Sahara?  Are your eyes glued together in revolt against the piercing sunlight, or sealed together with the remnants of last night’s false lashes? Does your head feel like a washing machine stuck on spin cycle? If your answer is yes - then congratulations - you’ve got a hangover, and you’ve successfully qualified for the discerning assistance of the Glasgow Hangover Service - the latest phenomenon to sweep the cold dead streets of a Saturday and Sunday morning in the party loving city of Glasgow.

The Glasgow company has been booming with business since launching last Saturday

For those who haven’t been acquainted with a hangover before (a rarity for most Scots) it is commonly known as that sneaky post-partying punishment - the one that creeps upon us, making us guilty for having that ‘one last JagerBomb’ and harvesting wild cravings in us for all things greasy and grotesquely calorific for the remainder of the day. It can render our afternoon a complete write off, and leave us incapable of lifting our poor and (self-inflicted) thudding heads from the shameful depths of our pillows.

But help is at hand. The Glasgow Hangover Service is a genius new company offering a £4 delivery service to anyone within a ten mile radius of the city. The morning-after angels will drop off a selection of treats to your front door including anything from two litre bottles of Irn Bru, to KFC takeaways or McDonald Big Macs. Basically - anything that tops your list of head pounding cravings, for a small charge, The Glasgow Hangover Service are here to help.

A perfect remedy to a wild night out in Glasgow

After launching its very first official hangover delivery service last Saturday, the genius weejie company has gained a whopping 28,500 Facebook fans in its infancy and has been unexpectedly inundated with requests for its morning-after cures. So, if you find yourself awakening in a less-than-fresh state this weekend, after a night out in some of Glasgow's best bars and clubs, track down the Glasgow Hangover Service on Facebook and fire out your much needed order by text or phone call after 8.30am on Saturday or Sunday morning. Within the hour those handy hangover helpers should appear on your doorstep with a stack full of goodies – helping you and the party people of Glasgow to make the morning after that little bit more survivable.