One of the scariest, coolest, most exciting and eh, scariest sports in the world is coming to Glasgow. This week will see Red Bull Crashed Ice take over George Square for one frightening rink race. Up to 100 competitors will go head to head on 13th December, in a brutal battle to qualify for the 2014 season of Red Bull Crashed Ice. 

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice calls for speed and confidence on the ice, so is suited to ice hockey players. 

Crashed Ice combines the balance of down hill skiing, the craft of show jumping, the brutality of ice hockey and the speed of sprinting all in one very cool event. The sport has travelled around the world, with a big fan base in Canada and US, as well as Russia, Finland, and now, Scotland. Skaters descend a steep ice canal filled with bumps, jumps, rollers and obstacles four-at-a-time, jostling for position as they reach speeds of up to 70kph. The event is held in a classic knockout format, and the field of riders starting the main event is whittled down to just four athletes competing in the final. 

Red Bull Crashed Ice Glasgow

The 2014 Red Bull Crashed Ice competition will be a hotly contested  international championship. 

The qualifier in Glasgow will see an action-packed competition, as racers speed skate around, over and under obstacles in a timed battle to discover who is skillful enough to earn a place at one of the International Crashed Ice Finals in 2014. As the competition is open to all (who think they've got the goods to cut it), organisers expect the George Square event to attract competitors and spectators from all over the world. 

Don't miss out on this unique event in Glasgow, and head along to Red Bull Crashed Ice this Friday from 5-7pm. 

Who needs Hunger Games, when you've got this?