In case you've been living under a um, lemon over the last few months, you'll know that Stone Roses are playing in Glasgow this weekend. The legendary Manc rockers have announced gigs in just two UK locations this summer, London and Glasgow, so Scottish fans know they have a special place in the heart of Brown and co. Returning to Glasgow Green, the scene of the crime of their 1990 legendary gig, this weekend will be a chance to relive a great night in Glasgow's musical history.

With Jake Bugg, The View and Primal Scream adding support, the all-dayer in Glasgow's End is set to be one epic stormer. But when the plug gets pulled on festivities in Glasgow Green, don't pack up your parkas and go home. Head down to one of the many unofficial - and the one official - afterparties around town and keep up the ante until the wee hours. 

The Arches have the only official after hours bash of the night, with two arches of top tunes to keep you dancing long after the lights go out on Glasgow Green. With Mike Pickering, and Graeme Park bringing the dance tracks and Peter Hook and Bez pumping the indie, this gig may just be the second hottest ticket of the night.


As for parties of the less-than-official variety, there's plenty to choose from. The Admiral will keep things going with a One Love special of their regular Madchester night with special guest DJ Clint Boon along with residents Stevie & Del. Expect a baggy night of indie stormers. 

Next up is for the indie heads who want to rise the roof post-gig, the only post party that can call itself a rave, the aftershow warehouse party at SWG3Come along after the gig for a storming after-hours party with cracking electronic acts, Darren Partington and his massively influential sounds of 808 STATE will be rocking out the warehouse while SWG3 will be also showcasing the oldskool vibes of 48K. With special guests set to appear, this could be a wild one. 

So whether you've bagged yourself a ticket for the biggest gig of the year, or just happen to be out in Glasgow this Saturday night, get yourself and your dandiest hoodie to one of these storming sessions. Or if you prefer something a little more low-key (you Stone Roses fans are getting on, it's not 1990 any more, eh?) all the city is set to be bit of an after party this Saturday night, so fret not, there'll be like-minded fans in every bar, pub and club ready to wax lyrical in a post-gig, postmortem.