5 Best BBQ Spots in Glasgow

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

I once read somewhere that Glasgow doesn't have all that much of a reputation when it comes to BBQ bites, I also decided to ignore their advice and let Glasgow speak for itself; and Glasgow thinks that it's pretty damn gnarly at the stuff. From smoking hunks and sticky sauces to low'in and poke'in, check out our recommendations for the best places to get BBQ food in Glasgow this National BBQ Week 2016.


Boasting one wild, BBQ ride, it's all in a name when it comes to our first Glasgow pick, SMOAK. Hailed with having classic European chefs who are "on the never ending quest to improve, perfect and deliver", SMOAK impress on all BBQ fronts with the likes of smoked pork belly collard greens and sweet potato churros (£11.95), and their infamous bloody marty short rib with horse radish sauce.

smoak best bbg in glasgow

Smoak promise indulgent BBQ bites with a smell that'll linger on clothes for days.

Bread Meats Bread

While their cutesy puns, easily recognisable branding and American stance, Bread Meats Bread retain originality and classic flavour combos throughout their meaty menu. Their burgers are all BBQ and boast-able with the likes of their Wolf of St Vincent Street reigning down on Glasgow with American cheese, Crispy Bacon, Pulled Pork in BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions and 'Nduja Mayo (£10).

bread meats bread best bbq in glasgow

Not only heralded for their burgers, Bread Meats Bread have something to say when it comes to BBQ chowing down.

Crafty Pig

With the word BBQ strewn on their restaurant walls like a call to war and action combined, you know you're in pretty safe hands when it comes to some of the best sticky bites in Glasgow at Crafty Pig. Head on down for their Smokey Double Burger and give that gut a run for its money with a 28-day aged Scottish patty, smoked applewood, pickles, smoked pit and sticky fingers BBQ sauce (£9.95).

crafty pig best bbq restaurant in glasgow

Crafty Pig combine BBQ dishes with exclusive craft beer for the ultimate in more-ish morsels.

Dennistoun Bar-B-Que

While the photo below may lead you to noir tinkerings, it's actually one of the most beaming BBQ joints in Glasgow. Rated high, and a scarper away from the main restaurants in Glasgow, Dennistoun has hidden gem written all over it. Not only sourcing their neons from the American South itself, their menu is all-out Texan fare that promises authenticity and gluttony combined.

dennistoun best bbq restaurant in glasgow

Dennistoun may be one of the furthest out, but it's worth the tasty trek. 

The Raven

Lo, our BBQ adventure is all but almost over; but never fear, the almost Edgar Allan a-Poe-priate Raven is here. Boasting all things low 'n' slow thanks to a smokehouse specific menu, guests to the humble Raven can inject their bods with a force of dry rubbed baby back ribs (£12), 24 hour pulled brisket, smoked chicken on the bone with house rub and plenty, plenty more.

the raven best bbq in glasgow

The Raven isn't here for glamour, they're here for beaming BBQ plates.