Vodka Wodka - Glasgow Bar Review

Vodka Wodka is a shot-taking, cocktail-swigging, vodka-loving party bar on Ashton Lane and one of our favourite spots to wile away an evening in the West End. 

The Venue

A cool cavern on Ashton Lane, Vodka Wodka is a fun spot for cheap cocktails and mighty banter. Enter from the lane through stable-style doors and you'll find yourself in a sleek, dimly lit bar, with a simple, yet stylish vibe with graffiti wall coverings and a bright conservatory space towards the back. An assortment of bottles line the back bar, while in front of it, comfy stools mean you can prop yourself there for the evening, calling the shots. Literally. Out back is one of Vodka Wodka's biggest selling points, one of the West End's toastiest, most sheltered beer gardens. Multi-level decking, with plenty of heaters and coverings for the 364 non-scorcher days each year. Oh and they've got an outdoor TV. 

vodka glasgow bar review 1

Just try and get a seat here on a sunny day, this beer garden has its own outdoor telly. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Fun, cosy, and lively, Vodka Wodka draws a truly mixed West End crowd. While cool students flock for the cheap drinks, it's not so over run that the over 25s feel out of place. As a West End stalwart it still draws the laid back locals, and a band of professionals from the area. On weekends in fills up with punters in to avail of the beer garden. On the evening we visited, the vibe was a buzzing one, with a bit of a party atmosphere kicking off later on with lots of revellers packed in to start their night off with some thrifty tipples or more chilled out drinks out for a fun laid back night out. Background tunes here tend to get drowned out by conversation, this is the kind of bar where people gather, mix, mingle and chat with ease. 

vodka wodka glasgow bar review 3

This fun party bar can pack out at weekends, but it only adds to the atmosphere.

The Food & Drink 

Vodka Wodka does offer a small selection of eats with ciabattas, pizzas and burgers among the small but mighty food menu but really this place is all about the bevvies, one in particular. Along with a plethora of pitchers, shooters and cocktails, Vodka Wodka offer a ma-hoo-sive selection of vodkas from around the world, Poland, Sweden, America, France, Russia and even Scotland, just don't try them all in one sitting, yeah? Among the cocktail list, the fizzy numbers are a real treat, a highlight being Lush, a rather, well, lush liquid offering. And with prices starting from just £3.50, cocktails on Ashton Lane won't have to break the bank. 

vodka glasgow bar 2

Just some of Vodka Wodka's extensive spirit collection from around the world. 

The Summary 

Trendy without being try-hard, and cosy without feeling cramped, Vodka Wodka is one of the finest cocktail joints in Glasgow, offering quality drinks, a cracking atmosphere, great service and a smashing beer garden. There's a reason why this one is on many a must-visit list for Glasgow, and it's more than just the name. This place may be wee, but it's wonderful.