New Bar Spy - The Luchador

A New Mexican Bar Is Coming To Southside Soon...ish

The Luchador


Venue Closed

If you've been moseying around Southside recently you might have spotted some curious fliers up in the former Gray's Kitchen windows. No, despite what the posters say, there is not, in fact, a Blockbuster opening, but rather a mysterious new Mexican-inspired bar and restaurant, The Luchador. 

While we still don't know a whole lot about the place - their Instagram has set the opening date as 'soonish' - the accompanying logo and imagery makes it clear that they'll be leaning heavily on a Lucha Libre theme, with a menu of tasty tacos and vibrant drinks to wash them down with. 

The Luchy is the second bricks-and-mortar venue from the team behind Dundee's favourite dive bar, Abandon Ship, and if that's anything to go on, you can rest assured its southern sister site will be just a raucous.