Nice 'N' Sleazy - Glasgow Bar Review

A favourite among many a Glaswegian, Nice 'n' Sleazy is a Sauchiehall Street bar and club that manages to be a people pleaser without pandering to the masses. 

The Venue

Nice 'n' Sleazy is in fact neither nice, nor sleazy. While it's rough around the edges, it's still a long way off being nasty or grimey, in fact, perhaps it's just nicely sleazy. Red walls in the entrance give a dark night time vibe to the place instantly. Inside, the upstairs bar is decked out like a seventies card club with chequered walls and aces and spaces on the lamp shades. The long bar is backed with mirrored tiles, and steel railings divide off sections. Cream leather booths are big enough to sink several pals around one table. Downstairs the venue is sparse and simple, a black and white dancefloor, red walls and brick work, with a small stage and a banging sound system. 

Card club decor at Nice n' Sleazy

Retro casino vibes at Nice 'n' Sleazy.

Atmosphere and Clientele

The peeps in Sleazy's are a chilled out bunch with lots of young (and not so young) professionals calling this place their home from home. Despite visiting midweek, there was still quite a bustling posse, even downstairs a decent cluster of people were giving it socks on the dancefloor. With great, alternative music the crowd here are always lively, and given the soft of raucous venues around, Nice 'N' Sleazy is a choice spot if you want to stay out dancing, but have the option of holding a conversation upstairs too. 

Bustling every night at Nice 'n' Sleazy

Nice 'n' Sleazy is a popular hangout for Glaswegians looking for something a little different.

Food and Drinks

The waitress dang near broke our hearts when she told us the kitchen was closed (note: eat before 10pm folks) but Sleazy's is widely known for its epic burgers created at the hands of Meathammer Ltd who run the (hopefully unsleazy) kitchen. There's also a host of delish looking burritos, wraps, snacks and mains cooking up as well. The bar on the other hand never stopped flowing, with a wide selection of beers and spirits with a few niche brands in their too. Slap up cocktails start from just £2.95; the positively potent Buckaroo and positively sweet Marky Mark are well worth a sip. 

After the kitchen closes the bar at Sleazy's keeps on flowing

The bar at Nice 'n' Sleazy is always well stocked.


It may be just a stones' throw from a bunch of venues pedalling £1 shots and playing Rihanna on loop, but Nice 'n' Sleazy couldn't be more different. Great music, great crowd and a great night, this place has got soul.