Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow – Restaurant Bar Review

Published . By Milly Douglas.

We recently sampled a slice of the U.S.A at the one and only Hard Rock Cafe. A loud and proud assault on the senses, Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow packs a whole lot in to its home on Buchanan Street. Climb the old fashioned winding stairs, past the merchandise shop, and up to the restaurant. Become mates with your chatty server, and let the rock be with you. 

The Venue:

The old building maintains some of its grander features, whilst also housing innumerable TV screens, and having a futuristic kind of edge. The restaurant itself is amped up in such a way that, if you close you eyes, you can imagine yourself at your very own sellout arena tour - until your nose brings you right back to earth, teasing you with aromas of melt-in-the-mouth beef brisket and nachos, making one feel greedily hungry.
Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow Buchanan Street
An utterly impressive space, cool swarms Glasgow's Hard Rock Cafe. 

Atmosphere & Clinetele:

In between courses, we paused for a chat with our waitress, who later invited us upstairs to check out the memorabilia on show (we were particularly taken with Elton John's silver platform boots.) We felt looked after, with a lovely lady quizzing around to ask if anyone had any song requests - we went for Britney and Talking Heads. The staff were friendly and personable without being overbearing, and ice cold beverages were served promptly with a smile; both factors that considerably brightened up our evening. 
Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow Buchanan Street
Hard Rock Cafe welcomes a varied crowd, hungry for hearty grub and a slice of GLA's rock n roll history. 

The Food & Drink:

After a wander through the impressive venue, we were ready to sample the treats on the menu, and sip our way through the fruitiest of cocktails. We began our hedonistic foray to HRC with the Jumbo Combo - chicken wings, onion rings, bruschetta, a delicious spinach dip... Basically a platter of Southern fried comfort food, like receiving a hug from Texas. We also stuffed ourselves with the beef brisket nachos, completely indulging our appetites (and forgetting that we still had more to come). 
The mains were too good to resist. I went for the Grilled Chicken Argula (rocket, to me and you) salad, of which the sauce to leaf ratio was perfect. My companion went for the Tango Burger - a mishmash of sloppy joe, cheese, and burger patties. Not for the faint hearted, but I'm sure a friend will be willing to take over the task of finishing, as I did. Before we were fit to burst however, we took on Hard Rock's Oreo cheesecake; a surprisingly light end to our meal, we enjoyed the darker chocolate undertones.
Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow Buchanan Street
Both impressive and indulgent, you'll be more than satisfied after a meal at Hard Rock Cafe. 


After a magnificently indulgent evening at Glasgow's Hard Rock Cafe, we rolled away happy. With friendly staff, extravagant cocktails and comfort food that hugs you, Hard Rock Cafe - we salute you.