Stereo - Glasgow Bar Review

Stereo is a bar on Renfield Lane that is something of a beloved institution among in the know Glaswegians. Known for its delicious veggie fare, its epic club nights and its spectacular gigs - this hip little hangout is a rather special spot in Glasgow City Centre. 

The Venue

Stereo is a bright cosy bar just off the bustle of Central Glasgow on Renfield Lane. Located in a beautiful Rennie Mackintosh building, it's rather a shame the lane is so narrow that facade can't really be taken in in all its glory. Inside, the bar is a rather stripped back affair, a simple splattering of school-style chairs and tables, with posters adorning the room and some quirky wall coverings. The bar and dining area are upstairs in Stereo, with the venue downstairs, used for an eclectic roster of gigs, arts events and club nights. As a sister bar of Mono, Stereo has a similar passion for supporting culture in Glasgow.  

Clientele & Atmosphere

There's no denying, Stereo is something of a hipster hangout. Many of the crowd here are of the quiffed variety, but the Stereo clientele is not limited to trendies. As well as the bulk blend of stylish students and cool young professionals (this place is so hipster there was a girl knitting in the corner when we arrived) Stereo is also a solid favourite among vegetarians and the eco-minded in Glasgow who come in for organic wines and vegan eats. We visited after work midweek, and the bar was already bustling with diners and drinkers of all ages, from a smiley elderly couple to our twenty-something knitter. With everyone chatting and eating, the bar has a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. 

Food & Drink

While the gigs and club nights are a definite selling point of Stereo, we were just in for the eats. And man are they good. I'm a veggie so I was always going to be grateful of the massive offering, but even dedicated carnivores at the table were impressed by the food. We got a selection of small plates and it's hard to pick a favourite. From plain food, executed well, like bruschetta, sweet potato chips (with chili jam!) or roasted vegetables, to more skilled dishes like veggie haggis fritters (the ketchup with these is unreal) or stuffed vine leaves, there was not one thing we didn't love. A selection of gluten free and organic options too, mean that most diets can be catered for. At the bar, a great selection of local and niche beers make a nice addition, with a good selection of organic bevvies on offer too.  


All in all Stereo is a cracking spot that shouldn't be dismissed as just another hipster bar or just another veggie restaurant. The food is accomplished and delicious, the vibes are laid back and friendly, and the drinks are not just ethical, but they're eclectic too. Add in one smashing location, and you have yourself an bona fide gem in the heart of Glasgow City Centre.