New bar spy - R-Cade

R-Cade is the nerdiest arcade and instant ramen bar to hit Glasgow


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What they say:

It’s one of those ideas born in the heart of a teenager and pushed into reality with the will of an adult: R-Cade is a retro gaming bar, but it’s a bit different from the others. Rather than just bank on nostalgia with Pac-Man and early Mario (though they do have that), their arcade cabinets feature games from across five decades, from Time Crisis to Halo. The cabinets are all hand-crafted and bespoke, with real consoles inside for extra authenticity. As one of the many who spent 12 hours ignoring their family for video games on Boxing Day last year, I feel like this place was built for me.

What we say:

It’s not just about the cabinets at this arcade, though. They’re also an instant noodle bar, for extra nerd cred, boasting the most popular brands to eat in or take away, like Pocky and Hello Panda. The drinks hail from Asia too, so you can sip on Ramune Soda, Pokka Milk and imported Fanta while liberating woodland creatures in Sonic. They also plan to give the space a social edge (other than playing co-op) by hosting themed-costume nights and gaming workshops, where you can discover forgotten gems or learn a few more skills with your controller.