Dusk Til Pawn Manchester - Cocktail Bar Review

From the outside, you’d be forgiven for believing Dusk Til Pawn is a real Pawn Shop. With barred front doors, and guitars and other electrical equipment displayed in the window, it would be all too easy to bypass the bar and head into neighbouring Noho instead. Perhaps too well disguised, this gem of a bar in the Northern Quarter intrigued us, so we went down to pay them a visit.

The Venue

Inside, we were greeted with an American style bar; a long room with one side completely dominated by a huge bar with a huge range of spirits behind the counter. In keeping with the shop frontage on the outside, the bar is dimly lit - with a huge jukebox dominating one of the corners. With seating along one wall, it’s the perfect venue to come and sip on a cocktail with a date.

Dusk Til Pawn exterior

With its Pawn Shop disguise, Dusk Til Pawn is one of the best secret bars in Manchester.

The Clientele and Atmosphere

We arrived early evening on a Saturday, and the bar was busy with a mix of couples on dates and small groups of friends catching up. The bar staff all looked incredibly smart, and we were served by several dapper gentlemen bartenders throughout our visit. The crowd were clearly enjoying something a little different, opting for craft beers or something quirky from the new cocktail menu. From the care with which the bartenders were serving each customer, it was clear that Dusk til Pawn is a venue where the currency is quality and top service.

Dusk Til Pawn

Pull up a stool and try out some of the great drinks on offer at this cool Manchester cocktail bar.

The Drinks

With a noticeably original cocktail list, the Dusk Til Pawn bar staff kicked us off by pouring one of their Pawn Star Martinis – a refreshing blend of Vanilla vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps and Passion fruit. This came with an amazing home-made Champagne Sorbet. A decadent yet light cocktail, this was a beautiful choice for a signature drink. A blend of Caramel Rum, Butterscotch Schnapps and Cacao Blanc made up the amazing Rolex in The Deep, which captured the spirit of the rich speakeasy style of the menu. Another favourite was the Brass Balls, a twist on an Old Fashioned with marmalade and ginger.  


Dusk Til Pawn will certainly add something a little different to your night out, and makes a perfect venue for a date night in Manchester, or sharing some cocktails with friends. The team are incredibly passionate about their menu and make sure you have a truly special experience. With many bars trying to capture the American ‘speakeasy’ quality, their homemade cocktail ingredients, dapper team and twist on the classics really help set Dusk Til Pawn apart from other Northern Quarter bars. Combined with a well thought out spirit and beer choice, huge jukebox and its subtle hiding place away from prying eyes on Stevenson Square, this is not just another cocktail bar.