Ireland's First Alcohol-Free Bar Has Landed In Dublin

Published . By Anisah Audu.

The Virgin Mary Bar Dublin

Dublin's first permanent 0% bar concept is 100% up our street.

Dispelling the liquor-loving reputation of Ireland, The Virgin Mary Bar is shaking things up... and there's no alcohol in sight. Whether you're taking a break from booze or just don't love the thought of getting drunk, this dry bar has got you sorted. Put down the water and say goodbye to boring low-ABV sips, because it's all about quality cocktails minus the hangover-inducing stuff.

Brought to you by Vaughan Yates of drinks branding agency 1751 and Great Irish Beverages founder Oisín Davis, The Virgin Mary Bar is switching up your usual after-work drinks. Expect unique drinks using brands which showcase the best Irish suppliers like King of Kefir, Silk Tree and Poachers tonic.

Tiki lover after something a little less headache-inciting than a Zombie? Go for the Tiki Street, which combines de-alcoholised wine with hibiscus, pomegranate molasses, vanilla, lime and black cardamom. There's even a drinkable dessert created using Seedlip Spice, date, tahini, rose, oat milk and chocolate. Of course, the titular tipple is a good option too, with the Virgin Mary providing a spicy pick-me-up. Less booze, more buzz.

Get your alcohol-free drink on at The Virgin Mary Bar as it opens this March at 54 Capel Street, Dublin.