Damson restaurant in Mediacity is fast becoming recognised as the home of sumptuous food, fine wine and cocktails in the heart of the futuristic, luminous Salford complex.

Launching regular entertainment events coupling their signature cuisine with theatrical experiences, Damson drew open the curtains with a night that musical theatre geeks and foodies can only dream of. Damson presented a ‘Les Misérables’ sing-a-long production, complete with sensational live singers, a complimentary glass of wine on arrival, and a four course set French banquet that transported diners into a luxurious theatrical world on-looking the misery of 19th century France.

Damson's Les Mis Evening

The iconic image of Cosette from  ‘Les Misérables’ 

Lucy Hope, a renowned Manchester-based chanteuse, assembled a chorus of extremely talented teenagers from a local stage school, staging renditions of classics from the Les Mis soundtrack. Among the highlights was Lucy’s own solo of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, and oh, what a captivating moment it was. Complete with tangible emotion, a silky vocal tone, and the finesse only held by professionals, it was no wonder that Lucy was called to encore with a second version of the song, sung entirely in French. The crowd wasn’t only impressed with Lucy’s vocals however, diners were stopped mid-bite by the emotion and sombre authenticity of one performer’s ‘On My Own’ and the belting vibrato of young Cosette’s solo. The group were born to perform, and born to sing; it was a surprise to find out that some of the performers were but 14 years of age. Bravo!

There were some comedic numbers too: ‘Master of the House’ was sung by the ensemble as they walked around the floor, transforming the sophisticated atmosphere of Damson into a bustling, seedy tavern, full to the brim with pick-pocketers and drunks. Some diners even clambered onto their tables and sang and danced in thorough participation. What an immersive experience. Diners were provided with a booklet of lyrics and were encouraged to sing, but there was no pressure to, you could simply sit back and watch the entertainment.

Lobster Soup for starters... Mmmm.

Lobster Soup for Starters... Mmmm!

The food was as highly anticipated as the performances in between each course. After amusing our bouches with slices of French Baguette and wine, the well-presented and attentive waiting staff brought us lobster soup with a cheesy toasted sliver of bread. Second on the menu was, in our opinion, the showstopper of the food: coq au vin. Cheesecake avec sorbet followed, and a trio of French cheeses finished us off.

A thoroughly entertaining evening, that teemed with French flavour and left no sense unsatisfied; we are certainly excited to find out about their next entertainment evening. Rumours are circulating about a ‘Wicked the Musical’ event that is possibly in the pipeline. So to all you musical theatre fans: Damson is a venue to keep your eye on!