New Bar Spy - Casa

One Of Bristol's Favourite Michelin Star Restaurants Has Been Reborn



Now Open

When Casamia closed earlier last year, it left a (very hungry) hole in our hearts. But lucky for us, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias has reopened his family's former Michelin star business, though as something a little different - Casa.

A reimagination of its predecessor, this new Italian restaurant in Bristol has had a snazzy revamp, featuring classic, contemporary furnishings. Think simple, unfussy tables and chairs, warm overhead lighting and the vintage paintings that previously adorned Casamia's walls. Together, with a lively open kitchen, it all makes for a homely, bistro feel.

Similar to Michelin star sister restaurant Paco Tapas, which you can find next door, Casa features handwritten, daily specials. Expect a refined take on traditional Italian fare, such as antipasti, freshly prepared pasta, meat and fish, alongside the revival of some of Casamia's best-loved dishes. This includes potato ravioli accompanied by lion’s mane mushroom ragu and the family’s famously indulgent tiramisu. As for the wine list, sommelier Tom Lakin has taken the reigns, bringing in a selection of Italian and international bottles.

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