Boxpark Is Coming To Bristol (And It's Bringing A Feast Of Bars And Restaurants With It)

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

boxpark bristol opening

The Shoreditch site in all its shipping container glory.

Something to celebrate? Let us hook you up.

Their first venture outside of London, BoxPark are bringing their notorious shipping container concept to Bristol, as they take over the historic O&M Sheds (Welsh Back), transforming the 20,000 sq ft space in to a wonderland of street food spots, bars and shops.

Already a buzzing favourite in both Shoreditch and Croydon, Bristol can expect independent brands at the forefront of the (set to be named) BoxHall build, with Bristol-born chefs also set to make up most of the kitchen spaces.

Outside of all the new food and drink options? A roster of events that will cover everything from gaming and sport, to live music and art shows, wrapping your entire weekend up nicely.

Consider us in.

BoxHall Bristol is set to open in June 2022, with tenant marketing due to commence in the coming months. For more great places to eat in Bristol, check out our ultimate restaurant guide.