New Bar Spy - The Clockwork Rose

Steampunk Inspired Cocktail Bar Opens In Bristol

The Clockwork Rose


Now Open

What they say:

Steampunk inspired cocktail bar The Clockwork Rose runs the gamut of eccentric mixology and even more eccentric mythology. Based on the favoured hang-out of fictional airship pilot Captain Sebastian Commodore, the venue is a treasure trove of the Captain's trinkets, and offers an extensive list of fantastical concoctions for a sophisticated clientele. Each cocktail is on one of the many tales of Captain Commodore, which the bar staff will recount to the customers as their drinks are made. 

What we say:

Bristol has always been one for peculiar drinking spots, and none more so than the newly opened Clockwork Rose. Housed in a former Co-Operative bank building on St. Stephen's Street this boutique bar offers an impressive array of cocktails as well as local craft beers and ciders. With offerings like the Conan Doyle, the Engineer's Daughter and the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster it is likely to pique the interest of sci-fi fans and cocktails enthusiasts alike. The stories are a particularly nice touch, and will no doubt leave customers wishing that their every tipple came with an old wives' tale.