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Published . By Maygen Carruthers.

If we’re honest, the Arcadian isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you’re planning somewhere to go specifically for dinner. Meating is a bit of a game changer in that respect; located on the top floor, it really stands out amongst the Arcadian crowd.

The Venue

Step inside and this restaurant is just like a farm. There’s a ‘cow shed’ inspired seating area, and some more open plan tables dotted around the venue. Everything is surrounded by corrugated iron, wooden planks, industrial lighting and huge pipes on the ceiling with a muted, green tone. It’s brash, it’s heavy, and it’s udderly brilliant. The venue is completely appropriate to the theme of the food; beautiful cuts of meat, cooked over hot coal.

meating birmingham review

Shed-styled, Meating is a unique place for burgers and booze alike.

The Food and Drink

You’d be forgiven for thinking Meating could be another of those American-style smokehouses where everything comes with pulled pork, but an inspection of the menu revealed a few surprises. The cheeseburger spring rolls (£6.50) were too curious to resist. I’d recommend these, but take heed when you bite into them, as they are hotter than that girl in the gym who wears tight leggings. We also tried the pork crackling and apple sauce (£4.50), which is a generous portion of salty, fatty (but crunchy) moreish goodness.

I had a ‘Big Dippers Hot Sister’ (£12.95), not only because it was fun to order, but also, who could resist ‘double dipped fried chicken’? It comes with a Korean hot sauce slaw, blue cheese dressing and skin-on fries. The chicken was incredible. Crispy on the outside and ridiculously tender on the inside. My co-reviewer went for a Lazycow (£14.50). This also amused me when the waiter came over and said, “lazy cow,” before handing over the plate. A perfectly pink Galloway beef burger, pan juices (oh, hello), caramelised onion and pulled beef. For me, the pulled beef was the best part, and, I was thankful it wasn’t pork. Altogether, two hulking great plates of burger perfection.

For pudding, there are several gelato flavours, several toppings, and various sauces, put into some of the most loved combinations. You can have it as either a Sundae, or on top of a freshly made waffle. I was seduced by the Monkey Magic (£4.95). Salted caramel gelato, charcoal banana, toffee sauce, whipped cream and chopped nuts. So good I didn’t even care that I was struggling to fit it in.

As always, I had to try an Old Fashioned (£7), purely because it’s made with maple syrup and I hadn’t seen that before. They actually give it the love and time it takes to make one properly, and that’s probably why it was spot on. Otherwise, there are two draught beers on tap, some classic cocktails, cider, and a small but decent wine list to pair your meat with.

meating burger review

Hunking great burgers are piled to perfection at Meating.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

An incredibly laid back, friendly vibe is what you're likely to find at Meating, with really lovely and attentive staff who look after you well. It's a truly great spot for a group dinner, but we equally saw a lot of couples having date night, so it seems to fit both needs perfectly. In terms of an age range? Clientele are your 20-30 something crowd.

meating review food birmingham

What was our beef? To be honest, when it comes to this restaurant, we didn't have any. 


Loved it. The food is excellent, the menu is varied and intriguing, all executed brilliantly. It’s not the same as some of the now typical ‘meat’ themed spots popping up. If you’re after a good feed with your mates or your significant other, I highly recommend Meating. Judging by everything else you’re likely to read online, the rumours are true that this place is going to be a success.