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Meat Shack to bring their monster burgers to permanent City Centre home

Meat Shack

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What they say:

After five years serving up mouth-watering burgers to the people of Digbeth Dining Club, The Meat Shack has found its home in Birmingham’s Southside. Their permanent shack is channelling a speakeasy vibe, offering cool surroundings as you munch on their range of delicious burgers. Each are 100% British beef burgers, hand-smashed and cooked to order, where they are caramelised on the outside to retain their juicy goodness.

What we say:

The Meat Shack are self-described sellers of the ‘finest and filthiest’ burgers around and with them finding a permanent residence, we can only expect more and more of it. Their burgers are big, they pile high a delectably large amount of toppings on them – normally coated with enough cheese that we need to do quick a prayer to our arteries before every bite – and they are juicy, basically providing everything you could want in one meaty bite. Alongside the meat, though, they offer up a wide range of sides, fries and vegetarian offerings, all washed down by a wide variety of craft beer.