The Frankfurt Christmas market brings festive feeling to Birmingham

Published . By Lizzie Graham.

Knoblauchbrot! Get your knoblauchbrot! No, this isn't a slightly awkward illness, but delicious German garlic bread. You can get this as well as schnitzels, bratwursts, gluhwein and weissbeer at the gloriously festive Frankfurt Christmas Market. A village of cheery elves selling food, drink and crafts pops up between 13th November and 22nd December each year to make sure there isn't one scrooge left in sight. 

Twinkly lights, delicious smells and potent Gluhwein fumes fill the air of Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market.

Artisan products from all over the world will find happy homes under market dweller's Christmas trees, bringing some homemade charm to any occasion. Pottering around the many, many food and drink stalls; emerging the other side with a contented smile and a full stomach is a sure thing. 

As well as the beautiful and the scrumptious, The Frankfurt Christmas Market also has the frankly weird very well covered. Reindeer, in all its guises, makes itself very evident; with reindeer burgers, reindeer statues and reindeer brushes all available for purchase. This eccentric sense of humour gives the market a special, off beat atmosphere; setting it worlds apart from a mainstream shopping experience. 

The Frankfurt Christmas Market runs from 13th November to 22nd December and is open from 10am to 9pm. It spreads from Rotunda to ICC, through New Street, Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square, and Centenary Square.