All The Nice Things You Said About Birmingham In Our 2021 City Survey

All The Nice Things You Said About Birmingham In Our City Survey 2021 | DesignMyNight


Do you remember the DesignMyNight City Survey we sent out a few months ago? We asked you what you like and dislike about your city life and guess what? You adore so many things about it. From the diverse communities to the lovely restaurants and bustling areas, we’re breaking down all the nice things you said about Birmingham.

The Culture Is Where It’s At

“I love that it is multicultural. I love the historical architecture of Birmingham and also the modern buildings.”

“The rich and diverse communities throughout the city. So many people from so many backgrounds come together in Birmingham to create an incredible melting pot of culture and community.”

“It has a mix of cultures and a mix of things to do all to suit everyone’s budget.”

“The independent scene, the people, the way we celebrate our differences. The fact you can eat every cuisine across the city. The quirkiness of the JQ, the rawness of Digbeth, the variety of the city centre.”

The Old Crown Birmingham | DesignMyNight

You enjoy the pub scene Birmingham has to offer - especially with gems like The Old Crown.

The Fact That It’s A Gorgeous City

“Culture, nightlife and beautiful countryside.”

“Atmosphere and creativity.”

"It's a beautiful city. A multicultural and diverse population, great country parks, home to many festivals, amazing restaurants and nightlife."

“The art and architecture are amazing.”

“The scenery.”

Botanical Gardens Birmingham | DesignMyNight

It's no wonder you adore Birmingham's scenery. Just look at their gorgeous botanical gardens.

There’s A LOT Of Fabulous Restaurants And Nightlife

“I get to experience an incredible independent food scene, some world class cocktails, some gorgeous iconic buildings and a cool district known as Digbeth with super events and experiences.”

“The canals, quirky bars in Digbeth and JQ and friendly vibe.”

"Dream night would be bottomless brunch at Siamais, darts at Flight Club, drinks at The Alchemist, dinner at Gino D'acampo, Brunch at JuJu's Cafe."

"My dream night out would be getting ready, listening to an indie disco playlist, then drinks at a few bars, dining at a nice restaurant and finishing off with posh cocktails at Edgbaston."

“The nightlife and social scene in the city centre offers a sense of community for all. You can enjoy classier nights out in Brindleyplace or a more relaxed urban vibe in Digbeth.”

Flight Club Birmingham | DesignMyNight

The consensus is in - you love a night out at Flight Club.

You're Fond Of All The Different Areas

“Central Birmingham! That’s where all the great food is at, good coffee, and a vibrant atmosphere.”

“Could go to Moseley for day time drinks, which then turns into an evening out. Even in the city centre alone, there are so many different and unique sections such as Chinatown, Digbeth, Arcadian, Broad Street, Mailbox - something for everyone and something for every occasion and outfit!”

Moseley; it has lots of nice independent places from coffee shops to late night pubs and a great laidback atmosphere."

“City centre - wide range of activities to do that can cater to most people."

“Digbeth has cool bars, great restaurants and cafes, as well as fun activities like mini golf."

The Night Owl Birmingham | DesignMyNight

You enjoy evenings out at the retro spot, The Night Owl.

One Word To Describe Why You Love The City?









The Alchemist Birmingham | DesignMyNight

You relish in everything about Brum, including the social scene at The Alchemist.

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