Bun & Bowl promises a deluxe burger and shrimp experience with its prime spot at The Cube.  I headed to the recently opened venue to see if it could step up, and compete with all of the surrounding bars and restaurants at the canal-side destination. Short answer - yes it does!

The Venue

The decor is unfussy and simple, giving way to a relaxed, cool atmosphere; in fact, we felt so at home that we ended up spending a good three hours here! The tables are nicely spaced out and they haven't tried to cram in too many (one of my pet hates), making the whole dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable. I also spotted some booths which will be great for bigger parties, and with lots of tasty burgers to choose from and an upcoming cocktail menu, it's a great spot for birthday celebrations and larger groups.

bun and bowl review restaurant birmingham

Minimalistic but befitting of The Cube's contemporary vibe, Bun & Bowl is spacious and subtly cool.

The Food and Drinks

It's all about the shrimps and burgers at Bun & Bowl. However, I couldn't resist ordering the Pulled Beef Rib Sandwich with its melt in the mouth beef and oh so tasty BBQ sauce. It was a standout dish and I could happily go back to order it again and again. Also get the Sweet Potato Fries - unadulterated amazing. Unfortunately we were less impressed by the Sliders, finding that the dry buns overshadowed the actually decent beef patties, but we put that down to mere teething problems.

They've been busy developing an exciting cocktail menu too that will be launching in the next few weeks, and I tried two of the twelve that will feature on it.  I was blown away by the sweet, fruity and perfectly balanced blend of rum, amaretto, strawberry and mint in the Charleston. Whilst the Lychee Martini packed a good punch of gin, but was light and smooth from the lychee liqueur and pineapple juice.

bun and bowl food review birmingham

Delicious meats alongside an intimate selection of cocktails, Bun & Bowl boasts the best of both worlds.


It was quiet throughout the night and only a handful of couples were in the restaurant when we visited, so I did miss the bustling, vibrant atmosphere of a busy restaurant. Admittedly we visited on a Monday night and the World Cup has started, deeming any venue without TV screens unfit for football fans, so it'd be great to visit again at the weekend. However, the staff were all so passionate about what they're doing at Bun & Bowl and that enthusiasm is infectious and exciting!

bun and bowl review birmingham

While somewhat quiet, Bun & Bowl lends itself to laid back evenings in the city.


Burgers - check! Cocktails - check! What's not to love about Bun & Bowl?!  It may have some competition in terms of prices with the likes of the nearby Handmade Burger Co and GBK. But what you do get at Bun & Bowl is a more relaxed yet upmarket vibe with fantastic cocktails, opening up the option to transform a meal out for burger and fries into something more special.