New bar spy - The Texan Roadhouse Sports Bar & Grill

Yeee-haw, come to this new Texan sports bar for full racks of ribs served by cowgirl waitresses

The Texan Roadhouse Sports Bar & Grill

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What they say:

Yeeeeeee-haw, The Texan Roadhouse is here and it’s so American that they're just one rodeo away from singing Cotton Eyed Joe. Seriously, they are bumper-sticker-about-guns proud of being American, boasting a full red, white and blue colour scheme, bulls’ heads on the walls and bright neon signs. It's also one of the biggest sports bars in Birmingham, with a 12ft wide high definition projector and 17 different 65inch TVs. Oh, and the waitresses are all dressed as cowgirls – think check shirts, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and hot pants. Daisy Duke, eat your heart out.

What we say:

Hot pants and bull’s head aside, the menu is just as American as the design. You want big, hearty burgers? They’ve got ‘em covered in everything from bacon to chilli beef. You want a full rack of ribs? You get a full rack of ribs. You want a pizza with unlimited toppings? Don’t you worry, you’ll be drowning in chicken, mushrooms and pepperoni in no time. They’ve also got weekly food deals and a happy hour that gives you free chicken wings with every pitcher or bucket of beer bought. God bless America.