The Jekyll and Hyde - Cocktail Bar Review

Part of popular Bitters 'N' Twisted chain, The Jekyll and Hyde just by the way of Birmingham City Centre is a vintage treat of cocktail proportions. From unique sharers to retro quiz nights, this cocktail bar in Birmingham are at the forefront of unique venues in Brum. 

The Venue

Set over two floors, The Jekyll and Hyde may come across as a regular pub downstairs, the further we ventured the better this place got. Walking through the main downstairs bar, dressed up in traditional Victorian pub finery, we made our way to the garden. Like jumping down the rabbit hole, the garden at The Jekyll and Hyde may be petite, but it's brimming with cool and quirky Alice in Wonderland murals that make it a special haven. Whilst the upstairs Gin Parlour wasn't open when we visited as it's only open over weekends, we did run upstairs for a sneak peak to find an awe inspiring Victorian themed parlour brimming with tradition and rich history, definitely plan on coming back for a visit!

jekyll blog

Vintage charm and furniture make The Jekyll and Hyde a trip back through time.

The Drink

Now here's the creme de la creme of The Jekyll and Hyde! While a little disheartened that we couldn't pick some of the goodies from the upstairs Gin Cocktail bar menu, there were plenty of amazing treats left on offer in the downstairs bar. A friend and I both chose a cocktail, the Blueberry Thrill, expecting nothing more than a fresh palate pleaser but boy oh boy were we surprised. Served in charming little vintage teacups and made entirely from scratch, straight away I could see that this drink was something special. Fresh, unique and leaving us wanting more, The Jekyll and Hyde clearly pride themselves on mixology. Starting at around £6, these cocktails come at an incredibly reasonable price for the quality. 

jekyll blog 2

Cocktails don't come half hearted at The Jekyll with this bar at the top of the mixology game.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Choosing to make a visit on a Tuesday night, we were expecting a little hush hush. But don't be fooled like we were, The Jekyll and Hyde seems to be a buzzing venue any night of the week. Still managing to get a great table in the garden, there was just the right amount of people in the bar making for an atmosphere we were more than happy to join. From young and creative students to dads down the pub for a pint, it was great to see such a broad range of people milling together happily.

jekyll blog 3

The Jekyll and Hyde is a popular venue all week round thanks to its laid back atmosphere.


If you're looking for something a little different in Birmingham then prepare to be impressed. Brimming with character, charm and down right tasty cocktails, The Jekyll and Hyde is a great bar that should be heralded the world over for its creativity and style.