Fumo - Restaurant Bar Review

Venetian, Italian tapas is the grub of choice at this swanky restaurant bar with the right trimmings. From great service to a great atmosphere, Fumo in Birmingham city centre is a hubbub of dinner activity every Monday to Sunday, come rain or shine

The Venue

Split between a dining area and a bar, Fumo has managed to merge these two spaces into an enviroment of subtle Japanese charm and simple stylings. From its warm tones and sandy shades to the sleek marble top bar, Fumo have done well to create a warm and indulgent enviroment that is primed for continental dining in Birmingham city centre. The curvature of the bar seems to keep this restaurant bar moving all night long whether you're at a table of 10 or tucked away for two. 

fumo 1

Fumo is an indulgent venue for dinner and drinks alike thanks to its well thought out bar area. 

The Food and Drink

A visit to Fumo is a tapas adventure. Picking 8 dishes between the three of us, including tuna carpaccio and rabbit, Fumo serves an almighty taste watering amount of Italian tapas that had us bickering for a grand amount of time on what to pick.

That's a good thing though, what's great about Fumo is its ability to entice, with every dish leaving us umming and ahhing. While we didn't venture into the land of Fumo cocktails, our bottle of wine was well recommended and barely left our lips thank to the tip top attentive attitude of our table waiter who kept our glasses topped up throughout the meal. 

fumo 2

From cocktails to wine, Fumo have a mouth watering selection of drinks to choose from. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

It's great to see a restaurant bar busy on a week night and Fumo was no exception. With every table and bar stool brimming with bums on seats, Fumo seems like a consistenly busy venue be it Monday or Friday night. From Birthday party groups to businessmen that dine, there is an air of upmarket suave to this restaurant, but its by no means pretentious, just primed for Birmingham's well dressed clientele. 

fumo 3

From businessmen to dining couples, Fumo welcomes one and all to savour their Italian delights. 


If you're looking for somewhere a little more, well let's say special, to dine this evening then be sure to give Fumo a shout. From dishes you've never heard of to dishes you already love, you can guarantee a great drinking and dining experience at this restaurant bar in Birmingham.