Fun Birthday Ideas In Sydney

Love them or hate them, birthdays come but once a year and never fail to offer an excellent excuse for a big old party. This city promises something for every kind of do, from lowkey get-togethers and interesting group activities, to massive bashes that require good drinks, great food and top notch entertainment. Whichever camp you fall into, make sure you check out our roundup of fun birthday ideas in Sydney.

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Last updated on 5th February 2024

Rosehill Bowling Club

If you're planning your birthday and fancy getting stuck in with an activity, then consider booking Rosehill Bowling Club. Compete against your friends, then relax after with some delicious food and refreshing drinks in the bright and airy dining space. This atmospheric venue offers a range of packages, such as its Barefoot Bowls BBQ deal for up to 10 people for $40 each, which includes chicken skewers with lemon and garlic, grilled beef sausages plus stir fry to chomp on.