Unique Ways To Get Fit In Sydney

Going to the gym can seem pretty dull at times, so why not try a workout that you know you'll actually enjoy? Sydney has plenty of cool and quirky ways to get fit, whether it be working out in the dark, running between breweries and grabbing a beer en route, or taking inspiration from 80's Jane Fonda exercise videos. So ditch the clammy, sweaty gyms for something a little more interesting, and have a crack at one of these unique ways to get fit. 

@ Seagull Room on Every Monday

Shrug off all inhibitions and let yourself loose in the pitch-black workout. This cult exercise trend allows you to get sweaty without worrying about your appearance, making for a pretty liberating experience. Perfect for letting go to those massive 80's, 90's and 00's hits. 

@ Hiscoes Gym Surrey Hills on Every Thursday

Just imagine Let's Get Physical chiming in the background and lycra a la Kath Day-Knight and that's pretty much what this is. You'll have flashbacks to the golden age of VHS workout tapes as you work out dressed in neon leggings while 80's hits blast in the background.