Clubs in Reading

Had it with limp sound systems and out-of-date DJs? Then why not take to Reading and tuck into a veritable feast of late night partying and raucous romps? Brimming with some of the best clubs in the UK, and some more than affordable party havens, Reading knows a thing or two about bass-bumping and heaving dance floors. Check out our recommendations for the best clubs in Reading. 

Treehouse Reading

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Treehouse is the latest opulent party lair to open its doors in Reading. Take to this wonderland of futuristic light features, dace floors, DJs and a karaoke lounge for some weekend escapades that you'll never forget. Fill your glass with some delicious cocktails mixed up in style at the bar and hit this two floor venue for a pumped up weekend of music and drinking. 

Q Club

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Pulling in a big party crowd all through the week, Q Club put on a spread of banging nights what every mood. If you wanna rock out to Indie anthems and Alternative hits they've got you covered, or if you fancy your weekend with a bit of glamorous debauchery getting down to the best of Commercial House, R'n'B and floor filling tunes then Q Club dishes out the perfect dose of raucous revelry for you.