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Nintendo-Inspired Drinks, Classic Consoles & Retro Arcade Cabs: NQ64 Has Landed In Newcastle

Ever been to those iconic graffiti-laden gaming havens in Soho, Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh? Then you'll know how hotly anticipated the arrival of NQ64 Newcastle has been. The retro bar is now open on Pilgrim Street, fronting that fun mix of neon street art and old school consoles.

Aside from being able to go up against all your mates across the free-to-play classics - think N64, SNES and the Sega Megadrive - you can also nab arcade tokens from behind the bar. Whether you're avoiding ghosts in Pac-Man or strumming to victory on Guitar Hero, there's no better place for some throwback antics.

Cocktails here also nail the 80, 90s and 00s theme. Our favourites? The rum-laced Donkey Kolada, with its classic flavours alongside a chocolatey twist, and Pacs A Punch, which is made up of Beefeater pink gin, peach, apple, lemon, agave and soda.

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