The Lockdown Lodge Is Back For 2022 (And It's Giving You An Excuse To Leave London)


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Sure, Henley Towpath was pretty before. But with Lockdown Lodge? It's epic.

Built during Covid's roaring days, The Lockdown Lodge was created to offer people an escape from their Netflix subscriptions and computer corners in their living room.

And for 2022? They're back to offer more stunning countryside relief.

Sitting pretty over Hambledon Lock, Lockdown Lodge welcomes guests for coffee and cake by day, deluxe dining by night, offering impressive plates with a view of the river, complete with a roof terrace.

With Christie's Catering in the kitchen, diners can expect a menu that celebrates all things local and seasonal, with the likes of British lamb rump, heritage tomato salads and homemade tiger bread with seaweed butter making up the sample menu.

London? Never heard of it.

The Lockdown Lodge can be found at Hambledon Lock on Henley-On-Thames, 90 minutes from Paddington station. Tickets start from £17.50 and can be bought here.