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Join the Hillhead Bookclub every last Wednesday of the month for a must-try evening of Lady Balls Bingo antics. Whether you've got two fat ladies or a pair of sitting ducks, everyone's in it to win it, with prizes from White Claw UK, vouchers, mojitos and a cash prize of up to £300.




Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Wednesday 27th July 2022
Wednesday 24th August 2022
Wednesday 28th September 2022
Wednesday 26th October 2022
Wednesday 23rd November 2022
Wednesday 28th December 2022
Wednesday 25th January 2023
Wednesday 22nd February 2023
Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Wednesday 26th April 2023
Wednesday 24th May 2023



17, Vinicombe Street, G12 8BQ


West End


Hillhead Bookclub

Hillhead Bookclub

a venue where left and right handers can exist in harmony without fear of persecution. a licensed land of milk & honey where the ping-pong is plentiful plus a host of other relatively interesting tit-bits. swing by for a slap up dinner made up of harissa roasted cod, korean fried cauliflower &…