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Popular London Burger Chain Brings Locally Sourced Beef and Freshly Made Chips to Bristol

Honest Burgers Bristol

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June 2018

What they say:

Honest Burgers are opening up their first Bristol venue this June, expanding to capitalise on their reputation from their London spots. Known for their high-quality burgers, they locally source their beef and only use a cut of chuck and rip cap. The patty-making process is of utmost importance for consumers, and Honest Burgers take this to heart, chopping the meat instead of mincing to keep it from getting rubbery. Grab yourself an Honest Burger (beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, Cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce with rosemary salted chips) or if you're a bit more daring try the chilli burger (beef, chilli cheese, bacon, Jalapeño relish, lettuce, red onion and hot sauce with rosemary salted chips).

What we say:

It's not easy to resist a big, juicy burger once you've laid your eyes on it, so it's already too late. However, Honest Burgers' addition of chips to the burger price gives you that extra reason you needed to take the leap of faith and get one. With a variety of sauces (curry, chipotle mayo, hot sauce, bacon ketchup and bacon gravy) and sides (BBQ chicken wings, onion rings, coleslaw) to choose from, Honest Burgers' dedication to providing customers with the best experience possible puts them in front of most.