New bar spy - Lemonade

A restaurant focusing on burgers and lemonade is coming to Cargo 2


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Now Open

What they say:

The Cargo 2 development is bringing us another exciting new restaurant with Lemonade joining venues like Salt & Malt and Spuntino. Taking over just one shipping container, they’ll be delivering a series of burgers and, of course, lemonades, all made fresh in-house. But you won’t just be drinking Schweppes: they’ve got a wide range of lemonades, including the Eerie Indiana made from vanilla and cardamom, as well as the Pinky Punky, made from watermelon and rosemary.

What we say:

Taking the American diner concept back to basics, Lemonade's main priority seems to be focusing on creating some interesting burgers. For example, the Reverse Cowgirl (stop it) delivers a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese, peanut chipotle BBQ sauce and charred scallion sour cream, or there’s the hangover-defeating Morningside, made with a beef patty, smoked bacon, Bloody Mary aioli, and fried egg.