Le Bistrot Pierre - Birmingham Restaurant Review

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Published . By Maygen Carruthers.

The hottest new restaurant in Birmingham and it just so happens to be toting French cuisine? We headed on down to Le Bistrot Pierre to see what all the buzz was about. 

The Venue

Le Bistrot Pierre can be found inside a gorgeous Grade II listed building with a prime spot overlooking the Gas Street Basin; between the Mailbox and Brindleyplace. If you’re in Birmingham, you should have a walk along the canals, and of an evening it’s particularly lovely. Le Bistrot Pierre is warm and welcoming, with soft lighting and inviting leather seating. They’ve nailed that quintessential laid back Bistro setting.

bistrot pierre review birmingham

Le Bistrot Pierre is both chic and casual alike, making for the perfect date night location.

The Food and Drink

I was thrilled when a bread basket came to the table without request. I think it’s little touches like that which make you feel looked after. I was seduced by the special starter, which was a dish of scallops, hazelnut butter and smoked bacon (£9.50). The scallops were soft and sweet and caramelised on top, and being in a French restaurant, coated in as much butter as I was hoping for.

For main I had the Confit de Canard (£14.95); a soft confit duck leg with crispy skin, sat in a cassoulet of Toulouse sausage and smoked bacon. I was expecting little chunks of sausage, but no, you get whopping great slices. This was really moreish. Pudding had to be the Crème brûlée (£5.50). A lovely big ramekin of vanilla custard/cream with a caramel top that cracked perfectly when I smacked it with my spoon. If you’re not sure what you’d like, they offer the Café gourmand (£6.95), which is a little bit of everything. It looks cute, it tastes great, and you don’t miss out if you’re caught between options.

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to wine, it’s common that “house” translates to, “not the best wine, you should probably try the next one up.” The Cuvée 94, however, for just £15.95 a bottle, is not just palatable but actually very decent. I was pleasantly surprised and I wouldn’t hesitate to drink it again.

bistrot pierre birmingham food review

From scallops and confit duck leg to chicken the dishes are rich, and moreish. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

There’s a great atmosphere. Quiet chat on the tables, happy diners working their way through some hearty and traditional French food. Amazing service. Everyone was really top notch and I’ve noticed on *cough* other review sites, that the service is consistently good. In fact, all the feedback is consistently better than good and I couldn’t agree more that it’s deserved. This place would pop to the forefront of my mind if I wanted to take my parents out for dinner. Ditto a group setting (as there are some cool side rooms which look perfect for bigger tables). In fact, given where it is and how lovely the venue itself is, I don’t think I’d be too upset if a date occurred here. I can’t really think of anyone who wouldn’t like it.

le bistrot pierre birmingham

One of the hottest new restaurants in Birmingham? We think so.


I am so conflicted leaving this review, because of my love of independents and especially so given my connection with a former independent French restaurant which has sadly closed. Le Bistrot Pierre was an utter delight in all the ways it could’ve been. I wanted to find a fault, but I couldn’t. The venue is gorgeous, the staff are fantastic, the food is excellent, and it’s great value for money. I know full well in my heart of hearts, that I’ll be going back.