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This DIY Restaurant Lets You Create Your Own Meals On A Personal Hot Pot

Published . By Kay Field.



Early 2021

Bullring's dining scene is about to get a serious upgrade, thanks to this stylish DIY hot pot restaurant.

Heavyweights in the traditional Chinese cuisine, Haidilao have over 750 restaurants around the world and are renowned for providing five-star service, complete with shoe-shining services, board games and manicures for guests queuing for a table. This Birmingham opening is the brand's first venture outside of London, making it their third site in the UK. With over 8,000 square feet to play with, the mega dining room will be decked out in modern furnishings and tout sunken hot pots at each table.

So what's in store? Trading in conventional menus for a more hands-on dining experience, Haidilao are giving you control over every step of the process. Kicking off proceedings with a broth base, options vary from tomato and classic spicy soup to the more unusual pork trip and black chicken broth. And things only get more eclectic from there. Toppings will see you tucking into everything from steak and squid tentacles to stir-fried bean rolls and bamboo shoots. Fancy some noodles? A noodle chef is on hand to create them in front of you.