Don Diego - Birmingham Restaurant Review

The weather in Birmingham recently (and by recently, I mean the WHOLE of 2018) has been absolutely awful. Rain, snow, more rain, more snow, then rain again; it’s not given me the most positive of vibes. But if I can’t have the weather of Spain around these parts, I’m happy to settle for the food; this led me to Don Diego, a Mediterranean restaurant run by two brothers. 

Venue & Atmosphere 

The venue is tucked away on a small parade of shops between Harborne and Edgbaston. It’s an intimate little place, the front window lined with wine bottles (much like my kitchen on a Saturday morning) and funky ornithological wallpaper throughout. The service is laid back and friendly, with the front of house happy to have a chat or recommend dishes. We even got some tips from the experts for our upcoming holiday to Spain.  
Don Diego Restaurant Birmingham Review
You don't need a plane ticket: Don Diego is bringing Mediterranean vibes to Edgbaston. 

Food & Drink 

Make sure you go hungry, because portions are B.I.G. We start with a colourful mozzarella, tomato and onion salad (£6.50) which is fresh and full of flavour. King prawns with chilli (£8.95) are a more decadent option, served in a moreish garlic lobster bisque. “I’ve brought you a spoon”, says the waiter when it arrives, “you’ll want it for the bisque”. He’s right, of course; I scrape every last mouthful out of the bowl. 
For our main course we try butterfly breaded chicken breast, served with a warming tomato and chorizo salsa (£12.50), and a gigantic slice of pork belly which sits on apple sauce (£13.50). Both are classic flavour combinations that work well together. A side order of chips (£3.95) are flavoured with rosemary and have a crisp exterior which gives way to a fluffy middle. 
By this point in the meal we’re stuffed, but can’t resist desserts. A sweet, buttery Santiago almond tart (£5.95) is lovely, served with an spiced apricot pureé that gives some sharpness to the dish. Whiskey chocolate semifreddo (£5.50) is the grown up version of eating chocolate ice cream for dessert (i.e. properly amazing). Prices are very fair, with starters and desserts around the £6 mark and mains averaging about £13.
Don Diego Restaurante Birmingham Review

Don Diego's menu is a hit list of Spanish plates, including slow coked meat and fresh seafood.


Don Diego serves up simple dishes full of Mediterranean flavours in a little corner of Edgbaston. If you fancy being transported away to the sunshine, dinner here is a great place to start.