New bar spy - The Indian Streatery

Famous Digbeth Dining Club trader The Indian Rasoi have found a permanent home - and a new name

The Indian Streatery

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What they say:

Can a city have too many Indian restaurants? While that remains to be seen, what separates Birmingham’s stock is that they all offer something different – you’ve got Michelin-star quality food in venues like Varanasi, and you’ve got relaxed yet delicious eateries like The Indian Streatery. Coming from the guys behind popular Digbeth Dining Club pop-up The Indian Rasoi, they are continuing to deliver their range of relaxed Indian eating from their permanent venue.

What we say:

If you’re a regular at DCC, you must’ve eaten some Indian Rasoi food. They specialise in chaat, a savoury snack normally served from stalls or food carts, and these guys are particularly good at it. But that’s not all, they’ll be delivering a menu that aims to 'bridge the generations of Indian and British’ by offering traditional dishes, alongside new fusion ones. But if you’re more of a classics fan, expect chaat, lamb bhaji burgers, pani puri, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, all made with seasonal and local ingredients. And they’ll be offering this as grab-and-go at lunch, or in a relaxed, cool eatery at night.