The Prince of Wales - Pub Review

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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Known for its independent stance on the Moseley drinking scene, The Prince of Wales is something of an ode to this individual little town in Brum. Boasting unique quirks and garden frivolity, The Prince of Wales keeps Birmingham coming back for more. 

The Venue

Initially I was bummed out, whilst the pub was quaint and traditional, and the back cocktail parlour a sweet room for intimate tipples,  I'd been promised something more from The Prince of Wales. Luckily for us we ventured further through the pub and found what I might call one of the best beer gardens in Birmingham. From a secret tiki bar to a humidor, this more than ample sized garden is a sight to behold. Feeling more like a festival complex than a garden, there's heaps of activities, oddities and great drinking nooks hidden in this place. 

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There's a cool and quirky secret hidden in the garden of The Prince of Wales.

The Drink

The fun with cocktails is that they're exactly that, fun! This is a notion that The Prince of Wales luckily haven't sacrificed for the simplicity of it. Every cocktail made at tiki bar, Motiki, in The Prince of Wales is made with theatrics in mind. From smoke machines and flambeed treats to elephant head sharing pitchers, nothing is half hearted when it comes to these fruity beverages. Priced at a reasonable £6-9, you're not only paying for a drink at The Prince of Wales, you're paying for a whole heap of fun. And even if fun doesn't happen to be your thing, there's an ample amount of local ales, beers and spirits to please your traditional tastebuds. 

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Every cocktail at The Prince of Wales is made with entertainment and theatrics in mind. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Whilst reasonably quiet on the weekday that we visited the pub, it seemed like the locals were sticking around until closing time and by jove so were we. Clearly an influence over both Birmingham's young and old, cool and quirky, The Prince of Wales seemed an affluent place for cool cats and odd balls alike. Now whether you feel at home in a crowd like that or not, The Prince of Wales is so humble and relaxed in its approach to drinking that home is where the heart is and yours may just get lovingly left here. 

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Home to Moseley's cool and creative crowd, The Prince of Wales is a venue to be seen every Saturday. 


There's something so modest and humble about The Prince of Wales that makes it so appealing. Whether it's the crowds, the tiki bar or the cocktails. this pub in Birmingham doesn't seem like it tries too hard yet does 'pub' so very, very well.