Pub Du Vin - Bar Review

Found in the basement of one of Birmingham's most prominent hotels, Pub Du Vin invites a mature working crowd for hearty evening tipples and classic British fare. Think English boozer meets cheque book. 

The Venue

Conveniently make your way through the main hotel entrance or tuck on in through the side door and be greeted by this intimate little watering hole (I chose the hotel entrance of course, I wanted to get a gander at the beauty). A relatively a small bar by space standards, Pub Du Vin boasts an alcoved main island bar surrounded by low lying leather sofa nooks and tucked away side tables. Whilst there was definitely an air of the Mediterranean, Pub Du Vin remains wholly rustic and classically British, from its exposed brick walls down to the charming glass exposed wine cellars.

pub du vin drinks birmingham

Whilst sandy tones give an air of the exotic, the interiors of Pub Du Vin remain wholly British through and through.

The Drinks

Let me start by saying, students, you best scurry off. Whilst Pub Du Vin prices aren't extortionate, they're more above the line than sauntering below it. Tucking into a classic double Disaronno and coke for £9, it's clear to see that prices at Pub Du Vin are sure to ward off the Broad Street hoards; and with that being said, the drinks selection is also clearly suited to a mature crowd. From classic spirits and wine, to a hearty selection of local ales on show, Pub Du Vin boasts drinks that an educated palate will most likely appreciate. It's not about glugging them back in one go, it's all about the supping.

pub du vin bar birmingham

Classic liquid fare is available at Pub Du Vin where dowdy Broad Street drinkers will snuff the prices and leave a mature crowd to it. 

The Atmosphere

Whilst it was relatively quiet on a Thursday afternoon aside from the few cheeky office monkeys that had escaped their desks for a tipple, there's a cosy atmosphere to be found at Pub Du Vin. Whether it's the low lying ceilings or the double disaronno in my hand, I can only imagine how toasty a winter's evening spent bundled up on one of Pub Du Vin's leather sofa's must feel. Do bear in mind that this Birmingham pub was relatively suit bound, it was clear the the Colmore District have an influence over the atmosphere, making it great for a more mature crowd.

pub du vin review birmingham pub

Party people looking for belting commercial hits should steer clear, but the Colmore District's after work crowd are friends not foes at Pub Du Vin. 


Pub Du Vin is no party bar, and it's certainly no Broad Street boozer; but what Pub Du Vin is, is it's charming. A must for the suited and booted after work crowd of Birmingham, Pub Du Vin might not make the hipsters of the city comfortable, but it will if you're in a suit.